I sell my photos to earn money

Sandrine. 28/01/2019

The solution for make money and extra Income

Every day, I have more than 30 fan messages that follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, from all over the world.

I admit that I paid no attention to their requests and that I sometimes found them even embarrassing.

One of my fans, with whom I used to exchange likes and comments, asked me if I knew MyVipFans.com

He wanted to buy private photos of me and wanted to use this platform.

I did not expect such a proposal, especially from him ... Despite everything, I felt flattered because I did not think that my photos had such a value.

So I put on sale some photos and published the link of my myVIPfans shop in my "stories". It had a snowball effect on the other fans who also bought my photos.

Today the sale of my photos has become an additional source of income which allows me to make ends meet and also to have fun from time to time.

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I sell my private photos