Apply for shop certification

Why to certify my shop ?

A certified store means that your account has been confirmed as authentic by my VIP fans.
This allows users to avoid impostors.

Verified accounts have a small blue badge next to their name
To display the list of certified accounts, click here.

How to apply for certification ?

Once you logged in, click on menu "Certifiy my shop".

Upload the certification picture then click on "Certify" button.

How to take a certification picture ?


On a sheet, you write by hand:
- « For MyVipFans » mention
- name of your shop
- date of the day of the certification request

When to certify my store?

A shop is eligible for certification if :
- it is active
- it received at least one payment from My VIP Fans*

*To receive a payment, you must meet certain conditions: click here to know more

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