FAQ Products & Files

Guide for different statuses of a product

From creation to sale, a product can go through several statuses (id. statuses) which are detailed below.

To complete

The number of files added to the product is invalid.

Media files must be added or removed to 2 minimum but 10 maximum.

To place for sale

When the product sheet is fully completed, with a correct number of media files, the product can be put on sale.

To do this, you must click on the green "Sell" button.

Waiting for approval

This status indicates that a moderator checks the product (description, media files) before it is published.
Once checked and validated, your product will change to "For sale" status and you will be notified by email.

Waiting for certification

Although recommended, store certification is not mandatory.

In some cases, including under the Right to Image and Respect for Privacy (Law of 19 October 2020), the moderator may require certification. This shows that the owner of the shop (id. the Seller) is the person who appears on the media file(s).

If applicable, and without express permission of the protagonist(s), the product will be deleted.

In case of recurrence, the administrator can delete the Seller account and all associated data.

For sale

This status indicates that the product is available for sale.

Each visitor (Buyer ID) can view it by browsing the MyVipFans marketplace.

Your fans can access it directly through your store link.

Why was my product rejected or deleted ?

Several possible reasons, at least one file is :

- in duplicate
- a screenshot
- unreadable (damaged, corrupted)
- poor quality (pixelation, sharpness)
- an intellectual property violation (Copyright)
- an infringement of image rights
- prohibited by law and punishable by criminal sanctions

In the case of "DM" or "Story" access, the identifier is missing (Snapcode, Username @, ...).

Any product that does not match with our values (quality of image/video files, conformity of contents with description, respect for persons and laws) is deleted without warning.

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Permission and image rights

Why does my product have "pending" status?

Some users post illegals publications.

Now, each digital product (photo, video, audio) are checked by a moderator BEFORE the publication.
Once checked and validated, your product will have "For Sale" status. You will be notified by email.

We thank you for your patience,

Permission and image rights

The right to the image is the right of everyone to control the use that is made of his image.

This is why it is essential that each model visible on the image has previously agreed. This consent must be provided in the form of an authorization signed by each model shown on the photo.

Note that the illustrations follow these same rules.

It is forbidden to sell a person's drawing without their consent, if that person is recognizable.

As with all general rules, there are exceptions. Thus, the authorization of the model is not necessary if the person is not recognizable.

However, it is best to determine with the person in question whether it is recognizable or not.

If the person recognizes himself, it will be considered recognizable and his consent will be necessary for any exploitation of the image. Note also that the recognizable character sometimes resides in a small detail (a part of the body, a tattoo, a particular sign).

My VIP fans provides vendors with authorization templates.

These forms are available in your Member area.

Get back the digital products I have purchased

As soon as you finalize your order, and provided that your payment is validated, you will receive a unique and secure download link to the email address you provided during your registration (if you have a customer account) or during the ordering process.

In the customer account there is a section "My gallery" in which you will find all the digital products you have ordered and paid for.

You can download them by clicking on the "Download" link.

You can consult them online by clicking on the link "Quick overview" in :

  • manual mode (click on the navigation buttons: "next" or "previous")
  • slide show mode (automatic image scrolling)

Hey, It was said to include 4 pictures but 1 of them was the preview

Number of files is including the cover.

Details of each file are listed on the Product sheet :

- type (image, video, audio)
- format (png, mp4, ...)
- weight in bytes
- dimensions in pixels (width, heigth)
- duration, in case of video and audio

The video uploaded does not work, there is a red cross instead of the "PLAY" icon

Your browser does not support playback of video files in this format.

Slide en erreur

The website CanIUse.com lists the minimum versions of browsers by codec.
This makes it possible to check the compatibility of a browser with a video format.

Compatbilité navigateur avec MP4

For video, we recommend the :

  • Format : MP4
  • Audio codec : AAC-LC
  • Video codec : H.264

For the consultation, download your article to view it with another video playback tool.

For example :

  • PC : VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player
  • Smartphone : the video playback app

How to remove a product put for sale ?

To delete a product , go to the product edit form.

Then click on the "Delete" button in the bottom right corner of page.

Why the "MyVipFans" watermark on the photos ?

There is no technical way to avoid copying images.

The watermark aims to curb the fraudulent use of NON-purchased photos.

The "MyVipFans" watermark appears ONLY on the pictures displayed on the sellers page ("Shop") and the detail pages ("Product sheet").

Purchased photos are availabled WITHOUT the "MyVipFans" watermark, via a ONE-OFF and secured download link.

How to put a product for sale ?

1 - Log in to your customer account

2 - Go to "Products" menu,
 click on "+Add an product" button at the top right of the page

3 - Fill in the fields in the "Informations" tab (Product name, Categories, Type of purchase and Price),
click on the "Save and continue" button

4 - Fill in the "Descriptions" tab (Short description and Description),
click on the "Save and continue" button

5 - Fill in the fields in the "Medias" tab by adding at least 2 media files (video, photo and/or audio),
click on the "Save" button

6 - When your product is ready, click on "Publish"

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Formats, weights and number of media files in digital product

On MyVipFans.com you can create a digital product containing image and / or video and / or audio

File Formats

File formats allowed in a digital product are:

Picture Format

  • accepted image formats are JPEG, PNG, GIF

Video Format

  • accepted video formats are MP4, OGG, WMV

Audio Format

  • accepted audio formats are MIDI, MP3, MPEG, WAV

File Size

Image Size

  • size must be greather than 400 kB
  • size must be less than 40 MB

Vidéo / Audio Size

  • duration must be greather than 5 secondes
  • duration must be less than 30 minutes
    size must be less than 128 MB

File Dimensions

Image Dimensions

The width and height of an image must be greater than or equal to 1080px.

Number of files

Each digital product should contains :

  • at least 2 media files
  • a maximum of 10 media files

Among these media files, one of them is used as a cover image of the digital product so that the buyer gets an idea of its global contents.