Permission and image rights

The right to the image is the right of everyone to control the use that is made of his image.

This is why it is essential that each model visible on the image has previously agreed. This consent must be provided in the form of an authorization signed by each model shown on the photo.

Note that the illustrations follow these same rules.

It is forbidden to sell a person's drawing without their consent, if that person is recognizable.

As with all general rules, there are exceptions. Thus, the authorization of the model is not necessary if the person is not recognizable.

However, it is best to determine with the person in question whether it is recognizable or not.

If the person recognizes himself, it will be considered recognizable and his consent will be necessary for any exploitation of the image. Note also that the recognizable character sometimes resides in a small detail (a part of the body, a tattoo, a particular sign).

My VIP fans provides vendors with authorization templates.

These forms are available in your Member area.