Guide for different statuses of a product

From creation to sale, a product can go through several statuses (id. statuses) which are detailed below.

To complete

The number of files added to the product is invalid.

Media files must be added or removed to 2 minimum but 10 maximum.

To place for sale

When the product sheet is fully completed, with a correct number of media files, the product can be put on sale.

To do this, you must click on the green "Sell" button.

Waiting for approval

This status indicates that a moderator checks the product (description, media files) before it is published.
Once checked and validated, your product will change to "For sale" status and you will be notified by email.

Waiting for certification

Although recommended, store certification is not mandatory.

In some cases, including under the Right to Image and Respect for Privacy (Law of 19 October 2020), the moderator may require certification. This shows that the owner of the shop (id. the Seller) is the person who appears on the media file(s).

If applicable, and without express permission of the protagonist(s), the product will be deleted.

In case of recurrence, the administrator can delete the Seller account and all associated data.

For sale

This status indicates that the product is available for sale.

Each visitor (Buyer ID) can view it by browsing the MyVipFans marketplace.

Your fans can access it directly through your store link.