Tips for selling your photos / videos

Configure the visibility of your store

A public store will have a higher visibility and therefore a higher sales potential.

In the "My seller account" menu, you can configure the visibility of the store:

  • A public shop is referenced in the search engines.
    Products can be viewed by ALL users.
  • A store NOT listed is NOT referenced in the search engines.
    The store remains accessible by all users who have the URL (web address).
    Products can only be viewed ON the seller’s shop.

Promote your shop

It is recommended to promote your shop in order to encourage people to visit and buy your products.

  • Add the link of the shop to the bio of your profile (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, ...)
  • Include the name of the store in your publications

Improve the attractiveness of your article

The attraction of a product will be all the stronger if it is correctly highlighted.

We advise you to:

  • link the product to a main category that is relevant to the content.
    A product without a category appears ONLY on the seller’s shop.
    The inadequacy of a category reduces the sales opportunities of a product.
  • write a detailed description that provides an overview of the content of the article, similar to the synopsis for a film or novel
  • choose a suggestive cover image that attracts buyer interest
  • proscribe an overly explicit cover image that reveals EVERYTHING and makes the purchase obsolete

Focus on image quality

Without being experts in photography, we have a commonly shared idea about the definition of a quality image: we can clearly see as many details as possible (true to reality).

A poor quality image will be blurred and/or pixelated, often resulting from resizing (cropping of an initial photo, enlarging a thumbnail).

During shooting, many factors can impact the quality of the image: the device used, the exposure time, the speed of movement of the subject, etc.

After shooting, you can use post-processing software.
These software, mostly available free on the web, allow in particular to:

  • improve image quality (sharpness, contrast, brightness, ...)
  • correct shooting errors (tremors, photobombing, ...)

Optimize the weight of your photos & videos

On MyVipFans, the maximum weight allowed is:

  • 60 MB for a video
  • 10 MB for a photo

It is possible to reduce the weight of a media using a software or graticiel (free software).

These are:

  • cut a video to shorten the time
  • resize an image without loss of quality

Publish on MyVipFans social media accounts

MyvipVipFans is present on various social networks.

We give you the opportunity to promote your shop on our social media accounts.

1. Join us on the social network of your choice
2. Send us a nice photo and the name of your shop
3. Benefits from a free post on our account

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