Aplicar una restricción de edad

Aplicar una restricción de edad

The age limit can be applied to a Shop when the content it offers may offend the sensibilities of younger people.

When a Shop is subject to an age limit, users must be logged in and be 18 years of age or older to access its content (view the cover image of a product, add the product to the cart, etc.).

When deciding to apply age-restrict content, the following should be considered:

  • Violence
  • Disturbing imagery
  • Nudity
  • Sexually suggestive content
  • Portrayal of dangerous activities

Activar el modo Restringido

  • Go to "My sales area"
  • then click on "Edit Seller Account"
  • click on "Age Limit" button to place it on ""
  • and finally, click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page