Collect my payments, how and when ?

Cashable amount

You may withdraw the amount of your sales after a period of 15 days from notification of the sale, provided that the following two conditions are met:

- the order is validated, it must not have been cancelled;

- the total amount due to the Seller must be greater than or equal to fifty (50) euros excluding taxes;

If these conditions are not fulfilled, the cashable amount will be € 0 and you will not be able to recover the amount obtained by your sales yet.

Receive my payment : where and when?

Where ?

To recover the cashable amount, go to your user area.
Select the « Orders & Transactions » menu then click on the yellow « Recover my earnings » button.

Make sure your payment method details are up to date.
You can check by clicking on the « Payment Details » menu

When ?

MyVipFans makes the payment of the amount due as soon as possible after the payment request. If necessary, you can send a reminder using our contact form.

Please note that there is a processing time which corresponds to the time between when the payment has been released by MyVipFans and when it reaches you. This processing time varies depending on the payment method you have selected at your store.

It is also important to note that many banking systems do not transact on weekends and nayional holidays.
Thus, if a payment is made between Friday and Sunday, it may not be processed until the following week, which will in fact lengthen the payment estimate.

Check your payment status

In your user space, click on the « Payment/transaction » tab which will inform you about the payment status: in progress, not made, made.

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