Report illegal or abusive content

The procedure is very easy.

Simply report the store(s) in question to us by using our contact form or the "Ask a question" button at the bottom of each product sheet.
Give the name of the store(s), of the product(s) as well as all usefull informations that will help us to assert the facts (infringement of image rights or copyright, reprehensible content, etc.).

So, we will be able to investigate on the reported author(s) and take all necessary measurements.
During the process, each store is deactivated: it is no longer accessible on our site. If the page has been in cache of search engines, it will take a few weeks before its deletion.

Please be advised that we have a certification system, like other social networks, to reduce copyright and image rights violations. However, there is no technology available today to fully protect against this.

If we are not proactive enough, we try to be very reactive: report!