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Summary of MyVipFans.com's terms of service ?
  • You must be over 18
  • Your customers must be over 18
  • You must be the original creator of the image
  • You must have an entitlement to the image signed by each person represented on your images
  • Your images must not include any logo or trademark
  • Your images must not display buildings, property or places protected by intellectual property rights

All terms of service and privacy policies are detailed on the Privacy Policies page of MyVipFans.com.

Content creator, why choose MyVipFans?

Here are 6 good reasons for a content creator to choose the marketplace MyVipFans.com

1 The frequency of my publications :
There is NO obligation on the regularity or quantity of publications.
I publish qualitative content based on my aspirations and desires.

2 The availability of my products 24h/24 7d/7 :
Whether I’m sleeping, eating or even in a Digital Detox session...
No need to be connected to the Internet and hung on my screen to sell my products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

3 The restriction to adults :
Unlike most sales platforms, minors are not allowed access.
I can unleash my creativity without risking age-related censorship, especially when it comes to nudity or sexuality.

4 The anonymity of users :
Personal data (name, first name, address, photo, etc.) are NOT communicated to the Seller or to the Buyer or to a Third Party.
Each user is assigned an automatically generated username to uniquely identify them for chat, order, product and/or shop comments.

5 The secure transactions :
MyVipFans.com marketplace and the payment platform use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol.
SSL protects the privacy of users by encrypting all the data that circulates between its navigation media (PC, Tablet, smartphone) and the web server.

6 The sale by auction :
As a seller, I am protected by the reserve price: the lowest price at which I agree to sell my exclusive content.
Auctions provide a better selling price because the winner must offer higher prices than other bidders.

Is this site anonymous ?

YES, because we are aware of the willingness of our sellers to remain anonymous.

Our procedures are established so that the buyer will never know the seller’s personal information (surname, first name, date of birth, postal or bank details). Conversely, the seller does not have access to the personal data of the buyer.

The name of each user is an identifier automatically generated by the platform. In the case of a seller, this is the name of the shop.

To better understand how our platform works, I invite you to visit :
- our video presentation
- our FAQs
- our privacy policy

I don't receive the confirmation email

If you have registered on MyVipFans with your e-mail address, we have sent you a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address provided.

This confirmation email contains a link that you must click to confirm your account.

If you can not find this confirmation email, check your junk mail folder.
If you use Gmail, see the Social Networks tab.
If you use Hotmail, check status of the service by clicking here

If you still can not find your confirmation email, contact us via our contact form.

Tips for buying your photos / videos ?

Before you make your purchase

We suggest you to :

  • consult the product sheet to check the number of files (maximum 10) and the properties of each file (weight, dimensions, duration for videos/audios).
    In general, a quality image has a minimum weight of 1MB for a dimension of at least 1080px * 1920px.
  • read reviews post by previous buyers
  • contact the salesperson, by clicking on the "Contact seller" button from the shop, to make sure of the content
  • prefer certified stores

After your purchase

  • Remember to leave a comment to help future buyers!

Tips for selling your photos / videos

Configure the visibility of your store

A public store will have a higher visibility and therefore a higher sales potential.

In the "My seller account" menu, you can configure the visibility of the store:

  • A public shop is referenced in the search engines.
    Products can be viewed by ALL users.
  • A store NOT listed is NOT referenced in the search engines.
    The store remains accessible by all users who have the URL (web address).
    Products can only be viewed ON the seller’s shop.

Promote your shop

It is recommended to promote your shop in order to encourage people to visit and buy your products.

  • Add the link of the shop to the bio of your profile (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, ...)
  • Include the name of the store in your publications

Improve the attractiveness of your article

The attraction of a product will be all the stronger if it is correctly highlighted.

We advise you to:

  • link the product to a main category that is relevant to the content.
    A product without a category appears ONLY on the seller’s shop.
    The inadequacy of a category reduces the sales opportunities of a product.
  • write a detailed description that provides an overview of the content of the article, similar to the synopsis for a film or novel
  • choose a suggestive cover image that attracts buyer interest
  • proscribe an overly explicit cover image that reveals EVERYTHING and makes the purchase obsolete

Focus on image quality

Without being experts in photography, we have a commonly shared idea about the definition of a quality image: we can clearly see as many details as possible (true to reality).

A poor quality image will be blurred and/or pixelated, often resulting from resizing (cropping of an initial photo, enlarging a thumbnail).

During shooting, many factors can impact the quality of the image: the device used, the exposure time, the speed of movement of the subject, etc.

After shooting, you can use post-processing software.
These software, mostly available free on the web, allow in particular to:

  • improve image quality (sharpness, contrast, brightness, ...)
  • correct shooting errors (tremors, photobombing, ...)

Optimize the weight of your photos & videos

On MyVipFans, the maximum weight allowed is:

  • 60 MB for a video
  • 10 MB for a photo

It is possible to reduce the weight of a media using a software or graticiel (free software).

These are:

  • cut a video to shorten the time
  • resize an image without loss of quality

Publish on MyVipFans social media accounts

MyvipVipFans is present on various social networks.

We give you the opportunity to promote your shop on our social media accounts.

1. Join us on the social network of your choice
2. Send us a nice photo and the name of your shop
3. Benefits from a free post on our account

Other FAQs :

Tips for buying your photos / videos ?
Formats, weights and number of media files in product
How to add a product for sale?

Report illegal or abusive content

The procedure is very easy.

Simply report the store(s) in question to us by using our contact form or the "Ask a question" button at the bottom of each product sheet.
Give the name of the store(s), of the product(s) as well as all usefull informations that will help us to assert the facts (infringement of image rights or copyright, reprehensible content, etc.).

So, we will be able to investigate on the reported author(s) and take all necessary measurements.
During the process, each store is deactivated: it is no longer accessible on our site. If the page has been in cache of search engines, it will take a few weeks before its deletion.

Please be advised that we have a certification system, like other social networks, to reduce copyright and image rights violations. However, there is no technology available today to fully protect against this.

If we are not proactive enough, we try to be very reactive: report!

How it works ?